"Her visual gave me a sense of hope and strength to continue with my journey for a major shift in my life."

I am impressed with Crystal's spirit and her ability to touch me via video communication and two states away. She was able to sense where my body needed healing, as I was in the midst of an emotional cleansing that manifested itself through a physical ailment. I felt the vibration throughout my body and she was able to connect with my intentions, leading us both through a powerful spiritual experience. She was also enlightened, visually seeing me in an atmosphere where my strengths lay, which she would have never known without our Reiki experience. Her visual gave me a sense of hope and strength to continue with my journey for a major shift in my life. Crystal has embraced her new learnings and gifts, moving forward at lightning speed in order to better the lives of those around her. I am blessed to call her my friend.

— Patsy M.

Special Education private consultant


Crystal is incredibly intuitive and caring and holds a special safe space for you during Reiki and coaching. In my sessions, I have experienced amazing learnings that have facilitated moving me forward, being more creative, and connecting with myself and life. My mind and body afterward are so relaxed, calm, rejuvenated, and connected. I highly recommend working with Crystal!!

— Erin V.

My biggest take away from Crystal is that she helped me see with much more clarity the power I have within MYSELF!!!! Crystal encouraged me to realize that being my authentic self is perfectly perfect. Prior to my coaching and Reiki with Crystal, I felt more frenzied and chaotic in my daily life. She guided me to be intentional and inflow in my everyday life. The most positive impact Crystal has had in my life Is not only what I mentioned before but also that I FEEL supported and heard by Crystal. I now know that I deserve it...with the help of Crystal. 

— Paula M.


"I only saw an endpoint I wanted to get to without getting there. Now I see the whole picture. "

I started working with Coach Crystal because I wanted to take back control of my life. I felt like I always had so much I wanted to get done but was never able to really get everything done and thrive. I was constantly doing a task or so exhausted that I didn’t want to do anything. There was not much extra enjoyment from day to day. 

After having worked with Coach Crystal, I realized that it does not just fit everything in my schedule that matters, it doing what brings me joy along with feeling accomplished. My purpose is different at home than at work, and I need to feel like what I do is worth my time. And if it’s worth my time and I’m not getting to do it, what’s holding me back? My sessions with Coach Crystal involved a lot of deep diving into why I hold myself back from fulfillment. I was asked when these feelings started for me and why I still hold on to negative beliefs about myself.

Before these sessions, I did not even realize that I was carrying so much unresolved baggage. I only saw an endpoint I wanted to get to without getting there. Now I see the whole picture. I have to continue to deal with the past to make my present the most desirable. I am appreciative of Coach Crystal for being so patient with me and allowing me to open up slowly. She is kind, patient, realistic, and flexible. In the end, Coach Crystal gave me a layout for my schedule, and I am ready to implement everything I have learned.

— Ashlee C.

Massage Therapist


Crystal is a natural healer! She showed compassion and validation while she listened to my concerns about limiting decisions. She gave me space to express myself and guided me towards the learnings I need to make positive changes in my life! Thank you Crystal for your gentle way and positive energy!!

— erika k.

Crystal is a true miracle worker and healer! She made me feel so seen, heard, and understood, and she truly took the time to get to know me on a deeper level. I am so grateful to have worked with her, and I now see my life from an entirely new and exciting perspective. Thank you so much for everything, Crystal!

— roma B.

u.s. air force

product designer

I haven't worked with Crystal for too long, but in the short time I have worked with her, she has been very approachable and easy to reach. She makes you feel heard and holds a safe space to express how you're feeling. She explains her coaching philosophy and method very well which is easy to follow and builds trust with her clients. So far I've had positive experiences and look forward to working with her further.

— nick e.

I am so happy I had the opportunity to work with Crystal last month! Our sessions were fun and uplifting, and I became a better person than I went in. I can't say enough about this sweet and kind healer.

— nandika k.

business & mindset coach

"I feel lucky that I found Crystal"

"Coach Crystal has helped me see how my past has affected my present life. She has shown me ways to view my past, let go of negative memories, and turn that energy into positive thoughts. Let go of my baggage and view everything as a learning experience to grow. I feel lucky that I found Crystal. Highly recommend."

— Lauren C.

Sales and Marketing