As you can probably tell, my journey to find my voice, authenticity, and confidence has been a challenge and is still ongoing. I have many layers to peel away and identities to release that have held me back. Family and friends commented on my body, skin color, and features as a kid. Sadly, this was something I dealt with my entire life.

I was constantly judged and compared. I felt unsafe, insignificant, unseen, and unheard. At some point, I believed that THAT was the rest of my life, and I acted accordingly. I grew up very guarded and felt isolated. The more I isolated myself, the more I lost the once playful, creative, and imaginative Crystal that I knew myself to be. I interpreted my experiences and believed that I simply wasn't good enough.

My Struggles

As I got older, I created masks to suit multiple social situations and people-pleased my way through life. This theme carried on in relationships, how I expressed myself, and especially in my career pursuits. I couldn't choose what was best for me because I couldn't bear the outside judgment, perception, and facing my biggest fear – FAILURE.

I knew I always wanted to be a life coach. Yet, I talked myself out of it every time. I fed myself all the lies and limited myself through my negative beliefs of...

… I'm not good enough
… I'm not confident enough
… I'm not smart enough
… No one will take me seriously
… I don't have time or money

It was all LIES! If I knew what I know now, I would've healed the broken parts of myself and fought for my voice. Instead, coaching, healing work, and trusting my intuition taught me that I could thrive as my most beautiful and authentic self. Once I made that empowered decision, FINALLY, I could connect with who I truly am – a confident, bold, ambitious, and obnoxiously loving person! After discovering the power of coaching, I took control of my life! 
I now have the confidence to make the best choices for me and understand that I can and will get essential learnings to build the life I deserve. I no longer overthink and overanalyze where I would end up not doing anything or avoid what I really wanted to do. Even when negative thoughts and emotions creep in, I'm confident I have everything I need to guide myself back.

Conquering My Fear

Now, I am equipped with the knowledge to lean on the genius inside of me. I learned how to nourish my heart and soul so that I feel seen, heard, and unstoppable without outside validation. I'm open to learning and that my mistakes are our greatest teachers. I'm strong, brave, and a survivor. I’m confident that I'm in complete alignment with myself.
These days, I teach my clients the tools to do the same and build confidence around their decisions. With that confidence, they learn to believe in themselves to pursue the life they deserve and desire. 

When I’m not working with my amazing clients or continuing my coaching education, I’m running my fitness business with my husband. We enjoy spending time with our two Pit Bulls – Nike and Tank. I love dancing, coffee, traveling, Disney, scented candles, lazy days watching movies at home, and nerding out with my comic book community. 
Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. 

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