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The most effective way to shift your mindset is to combine your conscious thinking with your unconscious mind. In our coaching sessions, you will have space to share and be vulnerable. Our sessions are intuitive and bring about positive learning buried underneath negative thoughts, emotions, and self-talk. Uncover what's holding you back in an intimate 1:1 session to give you the undivided attention and support you deserve. We incorporate meditation, mindfulness, breathing, and Reiki (energy healing) to help you clear out blocks, discover meaningful and profound learnings and insights, and provide even more profound healing on a cellular level.

(1.5 hours) - Minimum 4 sessions

1:1 Life & Mindset Coaching 

Heal inwards and shine outwards

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Get FAST and long-lasting results with a Personal Breakthrough. A personal breakthrough is a highly customized service catered to the client, so not one-size fits everyone. The breakthrough process guides you to break free from negative habits of thinking and feeling that once protected you and are no longer serving you. Using various coaching modalities, including Time Line Therapy®, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), root cause coaching, meditation techniques, Reiki, and hypnotic language, I facilitate and guide the process of eliciting permanent mindset and behavioral change, allowing you to create new possibilities in your life. While every breakthrough is unique, a typical breakthrough includes 9 elements. 

(10 - 12 hours) - 3-4 weeks 

Personal Breakthrough 

Less time, less money, more life lived!

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 Do you need a better idea of how I can support you? Book a FREE Vision Strategy Call today! This 30-minute call is your time to share what you envision your journey to look like. I'll ask you questions no one has asked you before, and you will have the opportunity to ask me the questions that will inform you if I'm the perfect coach for your journey. Let’s collaborate and make it happen.

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Vision Strategy Call 

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